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On-grid Solar Residential Central Air Conditioner

    On-grid AC/DC Solar Residential Central Air Conditioner, use solar PV power as priority, grid AC power as back up, power the fan motor and compressor directly, AC/DC dual power system, wide voltage (50V-360V), achieve solar panel free combination, solve the problem of installation space and power requirement, equipped with double route MPPT PV tracking system, when the PV power is shortage, the AC grid power helps, keep the air conditioner running, assure the high efficiency. 
    Specification of on-grid solar residential central air conditioner

    Model MDV-V80W/DN1 MDV-V105W/DN1
    Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50
    Cooling Capacity kw 8 10.5
    RT 2.3 2.9
    Input power  kw 2.05 2.68
    EER kw/kw 3.90 3.92
    Heating Capacity kw 9 11.5
    RT 2.6 3.2
    Input power  kw 2.24 2.9
    COP kw/kw 4.02 3.97
    Connectable indoor unit Total capacity 45-130 45-130
    Max. quantity   4 5
    Sound pressure level  dB(A) 56 57
    Pipe connections Liquid side mm ø9.53 ø9.53
    Gas side mm ø15.9 ø15.9
    Fan motor Type   DC motor DC motor
    Quantity   1 1
    Air flow rate m³/h 5500 5500
    Motor output W 170 170
    Rotary compressor Quantity   1 1
    Capacity kw 7 7
    Crankcase heater W 25 25
    Oil type   FV50S FV50S
    Oil charge ml 670+200 670+200
    Refrigerant Type   R410a R410a
    Factory charging kg 2.8 2.95
    Design pressure (High/Low) Mpa 4.4/2.6 4.4/2.6
    Net dimension (W*H*D) mm 1075*966*396 1075*966*396
    Packing size (W*H*D) mm 1120*1100*435 1120*1100*435
    Net weight kg 62 74
    Gross weight kg 67 81
    Operating temp. range Cooling -15~48
    Heating -15~27