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Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater

    1.Applied range:hosehold sanitary hot water, maximum water temperature 65℃.
    2.Speical compressor: designed specially for heat pump water heater.
    3.Eco-friendly  Refrigerant: R417A .
    4.Operated range: normally in - 15℃~43℃ ambient.
    5.Water pump: built in.
    6.Water tank:from 100L to 500L can be combined freely.
    7.Two speed fan moter: to further improve unit operation under high ambient temperature.
    8.Thermal expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant precisely.
    9.Air exchanger(Fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating.
    10.Water exchanger:tube in tube heat exchanger.
    11.Galvanized plate shell, powder coating.
    12.LCD display wire controller.
    13.With hot water return control: to keep the water warm in supplying pipe.
    14.Can set the operating time freely.
    15.Unit runs or stop automatically according to water temperature.
    16.Automatic defrosting.
    17.Automatic prevent freezing in the winter.
    18.Failure diagnosing function.
    Specification of domestic heat pump water heater

    Model KFRS-4H1 KFRS-5H1 KFRS-7H1
    Power supply(V/Ph/Hz) 220-240/1/ 50
    Heating capacity kW 4 5 7
    Rated power input kW 0.98 1.28 1.8
    COP W/W 4.1 3.9 3.9
    Rated hot water output L/h 86 110 150
    Water flow m3/h Water pump built in
    Water temperature range 20~65
    Refrigerant   R417A
    Noise   dB(A) 54 54 56
    Net weight kg 48 52 60
    Unit dimensions (L×W×H) mm 820×282×715
    Packing dimensions (L×W×H) mm 930×370×780
    Stacking layers layer 3
    Water pipe connector mm DN20(3/4″)
    Ambient condition -15~43
    Water side heat exchanger Tube in tube
    Auxiliary electric heating control function Yes Yes Yes
    Water return control function Yes Yes Yes
    Combined with solar collector (optional) Yes Yes Yes